Flight shooting: the 2021 calendar

The International Shooting Sport Federation has formalized the calendar of all the main international skeet shooting events, prestigious platforms where the best shooters in the world will meet wearing, who knows … a pair of DE.LA.RO® glasses

Here it is in detail:

  • From January 28 to February 6: Grand Prix in Rabat (Morocco)
  • From 22 February to 5 March: World Cup in Cairo (Egypt)
  • From 18 March to 29 March: World Cup in New Delhi (India)
  • From April 16 to April 27; World Cup in Changwon (South Korea)
  • From 26 April to 30 April: Olympic Test-Event in Tokyo (Japan)
  • From 7 to 17 May: World Cup in Lonato del Garda (Italy)
  • From 21 June to 1 July: World Cup in Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • From 3 July to 11 July: Junior World Cup in Suhl (Germany)
  • From 23 July to 3 August: Tokyo Olympic Games (Japan)
  • From 26 August to 6 September: Junior World Cup in Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  • From 25 September to 10 October: Junior World Championships in Las Palmas (Peru)
  • From 13 to 21 October: Pan American Games in Las Palmas (Peru)
  • From 18 to 24 October: Champions Cup Finals in Baku (Azerbaijan)


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