It is 2016: Silvia Lamera and Ivan Rossi meet Toni De Maria, an expert optician who is well inclined to study and innovation in its specific sector.

A few words are enough and the spark is struck. Ivan expresses a wish to Toni: to have glasses that can guarantee the best performance to the shooter. Reflections of light and changing brightness, due to weather conditions, are often a cause for discomfort for anyone who is competing on the platform.

Toni De Maria starts working on the project of an innovative pair of glasses: at that precise moment DE.LA.RO® is born. Toni frequents the shooting ranges and watches the shooters. At the same time he works on design, developing lens models and patenting a unique frame of its kind.

Ivan wears glasses and has excellent results: both on gray days and on beautiful and clear ones, thanks to the use of DE.LA.RO® glasses, he is able to focus perfectly that orange circle that comes out of the launcher at 120 kilometers per hour. The echo of performance had is clearly audible in the world of clay pigeon shooting. Today, for many shooters, some of the best in the world, DE.LA.RO® glasses have become irreplaceable travel companions.


From day one, Toni De Maria had very clear ideas about the creation of the glasses of the DE.LA.RO® and he only made use of the precious collaboration of Italian companies and partners. Thanks to selected manufacturers, therefore, futuristic eyewear is totally and absolutely “Made in Italy”.


The use of our glasses has allowed some of the greatest champions of clay pigeon shooting to improve performances both in training sessions and in the main competitions of the international calendar. So the DE.LA.RO® got on the most prestigious platforms.


Perfect and calibrated vision,
focused and specific.
Individual. Personalized.


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