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Passion, research, technology

In-depth studies, field tests, meticulous attention to every detail. Thus DE.LA.RO® has achieved the ambitious goal: to improve the performance of shooters from all over the world.

DE.LA.RO® - occhiali da tiro

DE.LA.RO® was born when professional shooters met an expert optician willing to study further and innovate. In only 6 years, the brand has become synonymous with excellence in the production of shooting eyewear on an international level.

In 2016, Silvia Lamera and Ivan Rossi met Toni De Maria, an experienced optician with the ambition and desire for innovation in his profession.
Where there is chemistry and drive, few words suffice. Ivan shared his desire with Toni: to have glasses that guarantee performance and bring out the best in a shooter.

DE.LA.RO® - occhiali da tiro
DE.LA.RO® - occhiali da tiro

Reflection of light and changing brightness due to weather conditions are often the causes of discomfort for those competing on the shooting platform.

Toni De Maria started working on an innovative pair of glasses: at that precise moment project DE.LA.RO® was born.
Toni frequents shooting ranges and observes the shooters. All along, he works on the project, developing technologically advanced lens models and patenting unique frames.

From day one, the mission of DE.LA.RO® was to create a light-management and color-filtration system that would provide the shooter with a significant advantage in terms of fast visual recognition and locking on a target.

Ivan wears the glasses with excellent results: both on cloudy days and on splendidly clear ones, thanks to the use of the DE.LA.RO® glasses, he is able to focus perfectly on a target launched at a speed of 120 km per hour. Such performances have inevitably made waves in the world of clay pigeon shooting. Today, for many shooters, some of the best in the world, the DE.LA.RO® glasses have become an irreplaceable tool.

DE.LA.RO® - occhiali da tiro

DE.LA.RO®, YOUR shooting glasses

A DE.LA.RO® piece of eyewear is the end result of a journey. Before arriving at a choice of an appropriate color shade and the production of the highest quality lens, the experts of the DE.LA.RO Lab carry out a complete and detailed examination. Using state-of-the-art machinery, they check the eyesight, determine the chromatic sensitivity and the posture of the shooter to create tailor-made eyewear.

This is how your custom glasses are produced.

Discover DE.LA.RO Lab
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